And the moment everything ends, nothing ends

Accompaniment and emotional support for the process of illness, death and mourning of your pet

Those who have lived through it know how it feels when our animal friend gets sick, gets old and is about to die.

Do you suffer?
Will he want euthanasia or not?
What do you want in these last days?

these among the many questions:
why not ask him/her directly then?

Through animal communication, from heart-to-heart, I will talk to him/her so as to assist in this intense and painful phase of transition.

The illness and the loss of our animal friend cause us deep pain and a sense of emptiness.

Through communication and case-specific therapies, we will accompany the soul in its transition, creating the sacred space he/she needs and fulfilling the animal’s last wishes.

To learn more about animal communication visit the Animal Communication section:

Animal communication

How does it all work?

Communication can take place either in person or remotely.

Request an appointment via the contact form and we will define the terms of the consultation.

Based on this, I will provide a quotation for the requested service (10% will be donated to an animal association: kennel, cattery, sanctuary).

I will then be happy to be your interpreter between you and your animal, in accordance with my ethical principles.


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