Just for today, don’t get mad.
Just for today, don’t worry.
Make an honest living,
Honor your parents, teachers, ancestors,
Be thankful for every living thing


Rei-ki is light, love, awareness

Dr.Mikao Usui method

Rei-ki is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’.

It is an oriental discipline that aims to harmonize the Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit with the “Universal Reality”.

It is the conscious union of the energy that comes from the “Creative Source” (REI) with the individual’s vital energy (KI). By connecting to the universal energy, one becomes a channel of life energy in order to transmit it to the receiver of the treatment, helping the rebalancing of the organs on an energetic level and enhancing a state of balance in the body, mind and spirit.

The treatment consists of a 30, 60 or 90 minute session during which the operator places his hands in contact with the recipient’s body in correspondence with the chakras and the main internal organs, depending on the needs.


  • chakra balancing treatment
  • treatment of the five organs (kidneys, lungs, liver, spleen and pancreas, heart)
  • full treatment (chakras, sense organs, internal organs, joints, meridians)



  • 8 – minor brachial chakra
  • 7 – crown chakra
  • 6 – third-eye chakra
  • 5 – throat chakra
  • 4 – heart chakra
  • 3 – solar plexus
  • 2 – sacral chakra
  • 1 – root chakra
  • bud chakra
  • minor sensory chakra

How does it work?

The treatment can take place either in person or remotely, for you and/or your animal friend.

Request an appointment via the contact form.

On the basis of your request, I will provide a quotation for the service (10% will be donated to an animal association: kennel, cattery, sanctuary).


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